Flip Ebay Listings For Big Profit

Look for misspelled titles, like Harley Davidson boots.

You’ve heard of people flipping houses – taking a less than stellar home, fixing it up, and reselling it for much more than it cost them to do the repairs. You can do this on eBay, too. Make money from home, in your pajamas, 24 hours a day.


1. This technique is also called eBay Arbitrage. You want to find expensive items that will sell well, that are very poorly presented by other sellers who have made mistakes. Buy low, improve the listing, sell high.

2. First you will need to brainstorm. Think of items you have sold that brought a nice profit. Think of expensive items you like and are familiar with. Some good examples are fragrances, designer clothing, small musical instruments, and designer shoes. Let’s use Joe’s Jeans as an example.

3. Do a search for Joes Jeans and sort the results by ENDING SOONEST. You want to be able to grab these listings at the last minute. You want to be able to snipe the item in the next few hours.

4. Look for listings that have fatal errors such as mispellings, very few words in the title, titles with poor keyword choices, bad photos, lack of return policy, or slow shipping times.

5. Research what you can resell the item for on eBay. Use the completed listings search or another tool. Determine if you can make a profit when reselling the item. Your total investment will be the cost of the item plus the shipping fee.

6. Once you find a pair of Joes Jeans that you can successfully flip, use an auction sniper program to place your bid for you. Do not place the bid on the item manually. Research shows that listings with bids encourage other bids. Do a Google search for free auction snipers and choose one. Place your maximum bid, and then move on to find another item.

7. I use this strategy weekly to procure inventory. Many times make 4 timess what I paid for a item, because I present the item better, take time to perform the research, use better keywords to attract more buyers, ship faster, and have an open return policy.

8. You can relist the items on eBay, Amazon, Bonanzle, or Craigslist. This is also a great way to get bargains on things for yourself.

9. See the resources section below for more information on flipping eBay listings.