Fram Ph4967 Oil Filter Specifications

Many snowmobiles use Fram PH4967 filters.

Oil filter sizes are not interchangeable, although you can replace the recommended filter for your vehicle with other manufacturers’ equivalents of the same size. The specifications of any oil filter include the physical dimensions, applications and a cross-reference of other manufacturer’s versions. Fram designed the PH4967 filter for smaller engines, such as snowmobiles, personal watercraft and all-terrain vehicles.


The Fram PH4967 is a full-flow, spin-on, external filter. This filter lacks the standard anti-drain valve on other Fram filters, including the internal reserve used to aid in cold starting the engine. The gasket measures .19 inches tall, with an inner diameter of 2.19 inches and an outer diameter of 2.44 inches. The filter stands 2.92 inches tall and 2.69 inches wide. The threaded insert has a 3/4-inch diameter and a thread count of 16. The 4967 has a rating of 14 lbs. per square inch (psi) for the relief valve.


Auto manufacturers that use the filter include Chevrolet, Kawasaki, Lexus, Nissan, Scion, Toyota and Pontiac trucks. Work vehicles that use the filter include the lineups from Toro, John Deere, Daihatsu, and Agrimetal. Popular watercrafts from Artic Cat, Mariner, Mercury, and Suzuki also use the 4967. Always consult your owner’s manual to identify the filter size properly.

Competitor Cross-Reference

The filter has several competitors, including the common name brand AC Delco, which manufactures the equivalent PF1233, PF2127, PF2128 and PF2246. Amsoil uses the EAO09. The Bosch equivalent is the 72167. General Motors offers several similar filters, the most compatible of which is the 94858995. K&N’s equivalent filter is the HP-1003. Mobil offers the MO4477 as a replacement. WIX, the largest of Fram’s competitors, offers the 51394 oil filter.