Garage Design Tools

A newly built garage

There are garage design tools available online to assist in creating the actual structure of the garage or in organizing its interior. Many people enjoy the design process as the garage design tools are easy to use and free. Some may have a learning curve, but they were made for users with no prior experience. Does this Spark an idea?

Martha Stewart

If you are interested in designing an arrangement of pre-made closets and cabinets for your garage interior, you can use the Martha Stewart online tool to design your ideal closets. There are organization kits that you can add onto using accessories to develop closets that will suit your needs.


Another way to customize pre-made closet arrangements is to use the ClosetMaid’s Visual Storage Planner. It is an interactive tool to design a customized storage and closet area. This easy-to-use software will enable you to design most storage arrangements in only a few minutes. This design tool is not compatible with Macintosh or Netscape.

The Garage Designer

The Garage Designer is helpful for those who intend to actually construct a garage. This design tool allows you to draw using a four-walled template that is customizable. You can include vehicles, workbenches and tools into the design. With this tool you can add entry doors, windows, siding and roofing. You can modify the thickness and height of your walls, and stud size and spacing. You can select your roof type and dictate its orientation and pitch, and eave and gable overhangs. Also, you can define other aspects of the roof such as sub fascia and framing size, and rafter and frame spacing.