Garage Harley Tools

There are many garage tools required to maintain, repair and accessorize Harleys.

Imagine how easy it is to maintain, repair and accessorize your Harley-Davidson motorcycle with the proper garage tools. A fully equipped garage can be a dream come true with carefully selected premium-quality tools specifically designed for Harleys, storage cabinets to keep your tools organized, and helpful specialty tools like bike lifts and dollies to move the motorcycle around as you work.

Basic Garage Harley Tools

Every Harley owner needs a portable tool kit with compact midget tools for the road, but the tools kept at home in the garage reveal one’s genuine enthusiasm for do-it-yourself projects from basic maintenance to repairs and accessorizing. Whether or not you have a passion for tinkering with your Harley, there are some basic tools required for every Harley owner’s garage. Start with the basics and build your tool collection accordingly, adding specialty tools as your need them.

The basic tools required are a 3/8-inch-drive socket set that includes Allen and Torx wrenches and bits; a Philips screwdriver; a slotted screwdriver; a screwdriver set in different sizes; pliers set in different sizes; locking pliers; a 1/2-inch-drive micrometer torque wrench; a combination wrench set, and a quick-release 3-piece ratchet set in 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch sizes.

You also need a spark plug wrench and a spark indicator for testing spark plugs, spark plug wires and coils.

An engine cleaning brush kit is useful to have on hand, as well as a tire gauge, air pump, flashlight and 2.2x magnifying glass. Little items like the magnetic flexible pick-up tool, claw-finger flexible pick-up tool and telescoping magnetic pick-up tool will prove invaluable.

Storage and Workstations

There is a wide selection of complete garage storage systems available to suit the needs of every Harley-Davidson owner. From luxurious stainless-steel, multi-cabinet designs to inexpensive single units with multiple drawers and trays, proper tool storage is essential for tool longevity. Keeping your tools organized and ready for use is a priority when maintaining, repairing and accessorizing your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Buy storage systems online or at hardware stores and home improvement centers like Home Depot.

Rolling tool workstations are especially handy for working on your Harley. These tubular steel tables on ball-bearing casters have handy dividers on top for keeping nuts, screws and tools neatly separated.

Helpful Extras and Specialty Tools

A magnetic parts tray is indispensable for keeping small parts and tools handy and in place. Made of stainless steel, the trays feature rubber-covered magnets to protect the surface of the bike part or tool, and are strong enough to keep even heavier tools securely in place — ready for when you reach for them.

Chrome, steel-hardened and polished wobble extension bars allow sockets to be driven up to 1-1/2 inches off vertical.

The Handy Packer bearing packer is a helpful tool to flush out old grease and repack bearings without the traditional mess; the grease goes into the tool cavity, not onto your hands. The Portable Bearing Packer uses a similar principle.

Drip pans are another prerequisite for the Harley garage.

Your garage should have an assortment of measuring cups made of polypropylene plastic with calibrated ratio marks for measuring fuel, oil and other fluids. A selection of different-sized funnels for fuel, oil, transmission and brake fluid fill-ups should always be on hand.

An LED flexible flashlight is perfect for working around obstructions as it holds the shape you give it, and brightly illuminates darker areas of your workspace.

Rubber-face vise jaw pads protect your Harley from damage as you work.

The McCuff No Spill-Fill system is an innovative fuel fill system designed to make filling the gas tank easy and neat. It’s an essential component of every well-equipped Harley garage.

A tread depth indicator is a handy tool, available in a leather pouch along with a tire gauge.

One of the most valuable tools for the garage is a bike lift or dolly that allows for independent lifting of the front and rear wheels, in addition to full motorcycle lift. Most of these units will allow you to move a 1,000-pound Harley into the desired position, or slide it out of the way with remarkably little effort. Another popular tool for working under the motorcycle in confined spaces with little clearance is the scissors jack.