Get A Baby On A Tv Commercial

If you think your baby has what it takes to be in TV commercials, you may be right. Babies are needed in commercials for stores, products and services. Although getting your baby into commercials is very competitive, there are steps to take to increase your chances of seeing your little one on TV.


1. Determine if your baby has what it takes. Keep in mind being cute is not the only factor in getting commercial work. Ask yourself if your baby has a pleasant temperament, smiles easily and doesn’t suffer from separation anxiety. If the answer is yes, your baby may be camera-ready.

2. Photograph your baby. You will need snapshots for talent and modeling agencies that you meet with. Professional photos are expensive, and since babies change so often, they are not always expected by talent agents or modeling agencies.

3. Start at the local level. National TV commercials are often cast in Los Angeles and New York. However if you don’t live near those large cities, there may still may be TV commercial work in your area for local stores and businesses.

4. Look into talent and modeling agencies. They can provide assistance finding auditions for your baby. Research all agencies before getting involved with them to determine if they are reputable.

5. Ask for references from agencies. Check with the Better Business Bureau to determine if any complaints were filed. Be aware there are a lot of scams involving talent agencies.

6. Sign with a reputable modeling and talent agency. Be sure you read through your babies contact and understand everything. Pay close attention to the percentage the agency takes for each TV commercial your baby films.

7. Take your baby to casting calls and auditions. Bring along several of your babies best photos. The photos should not only be cute, but should show personality. Expect to only see the casting director for a few minutes.