Get A Free Direct Tv Hd Dvr

There are two major companies that provide satellite television in the majority of cities in the United States, Dish Network and DirectTV. To receive any DirectTV package or receiver you must make your purchase directly through the company by calling or ordering online. DirectTV offers packages that include high-definition television and digital video recorders that will record your favorite programs for you.


1. Check advertisements that you receive in the mail during peak customer times. DirectTV customers often have contracts that end midsummer, and many consumers are looking for new television service near the end of July and beginning of August. This is the best time to find a deal from DirectTV that will include a free HD DVR with your service plan.

2. Go to the DirectTV website. The website is constantly updated with new offers, and if there is a special package being advertised, you’ll see it on the front page.

3. Click on the “Ad Sales” option at the bottom of the screen from the “About Us” heading. Click on the “News and Deals” tab for the must current sales advertisements and special packages being offered.

4. Click on the “Packages” option from the top of the screen. Click on the “View Packages” button, and you can view the packages and deals offered. Once you’ve found the package you want, click on the “Order” button. After filling out your information, choose the options for extras that you want and, if it’s included, there’ll be an option for HD DVR that says, “Free after rebate,” next to it. You will then need to enter your Social Security number to see whether you qualify for the rebates and free installation. If you don’t pass this credit check, you will not be able to receive the rebate to receive a free HD DVR.

5. Call and talk to a DirectTV representative. Sometimes there are specials that are only available in your local area. Be sure to let the representative know that you want a package that will include a free HD DVR.