Get A Free Used Car Vin Check

A used car VIN check is helpful when you are buying a used car. The car VIN check works in a similar fashion to a car VIN check. You must get the VIN number from the used car then run it through the NICB database. Several car check companies offer this service on free VIN check websites.


1. First get the VIN number from the used car. The used car VIN is usually located on the front forks of the bike. It may also be listed on the dealer website. If you are buying from a private seller, call and ask them for the VIN number. They should be able to give it to you.

2. Go to a free VIN check website (some are listed below). These sites allow you to enter the used car VIN and get a free VIN check right away on any car or motorcycle. No credit card is needed.

3. Submit your used car VIN to the site in the appropriate box and then read the free report. It is usually downloaded or emailed to you. The Vin check report contains information about whether the used car has been salvaged or stolen.

4. Compare the results of the free used car VIN check to other used cars you are interested in buying. Since it is free, repeat the above steps to get a free VIN check on every car you want to buy.