Get A Full Hd Picture With Time Warner Cable’S Navigator Guide

If you have high definition service and Time Warner Cable’s high definition box, this is ensure you will be viewing all programming, HD and non-HD, in full screen


1. Press Settings on the remote. This is located somewhere near the top of the remote and if you have a silver or gray remote, it is on the left-hand side next to the “ok/sel” buttom. If you have an Atlas remote control, it would be on the right-hand side under the “cbl” button.

2. You will immediately see the word “quick settings” highlighted in yellow down at the bottom of the screen. Using the right arrow key (next to the ok/sel button) scroll to the right until you see the word “Display” highlighted in yellow

3. Using the up arrow key, scroll up to the text “Output Resolutions” and select the screen resolutions which your HDTV is compatible with. I recommend selecting “1080i” only.

4. While still in the Display menu, scroll up to the Aspect Ratio option. This should be set to 16×9.

5. While still in the Display menu, scroll up (or down) to the Picture Size option. Set this to Stretch. This will cause all programming (whether hd or not) to fill your entire screen.