Get A Motorcycle Indash Satellite Radio

Satellite radio is a monthly subscription service that provides programming that cannot be found on regular AM and FM radio bands. XM and Sirius are currently the only providers for satellite radio. There is very little advertising on Satellite radio and reception is much better, since signals come from satellite systems rather than towers.


1. Decide which service you want. Either system provides high quality. Each has special stations for sports, country music and talk radio that are unique to them.

2. Research online for a products store that specializes in motorcycle in-dash satellite radios–there are rebates and sale prices available from a variety of popular store brands.

3. Choose which installation kit you want to buy. There are portable satellite radios that you can attach to the handlebars of your motorcycle that can be easily detached and brought with you anywhere.

4. Select an antenna that suits your needs. If you want to have a mobile in-dash satellite radio, it will be a different style than if you want a mobile radio.

5. Go to your local electronics store and purchase your in-dash satellite radio. Subscribe to either XM or Sirius when you make your purchase.