Get A Motorcycle Loan

So you’ve found the ride of your dreams, but your wallet is a little light and your credit is not that great. Don’t worry, you can still get a motorcycle loan even if you have bad credit. Here is the on motorcycle credit and how you can quit dreaming and start riding.


1. Determine how much you need to borrow to finance the purchase of your motorcycle. Be sure to borrow only as much as you need because you’ll be paying interest on the loan.

2. Decide what type of loan you want or need. You can get a fixed payment loan or a line of credit depending on your credit rating.

3. Research the current interest rates. Search the newspaper, call local banks and look online at sites such as to find current interest rates.

4. Consider using a credit card to finance the purchase of your motorcycle. Look at using a low, fixed-rate credit card. But be sure to calculate a fixed monthly payment and pay that every month to avoid additional finance charges or late fees.

5. Check out dealer financing. If you are buying from a private individual, asking for a payment plan will be your least expensive way to finance your motorcycle. If you are getting a motorcycle loan from a dealer, this will likely cost you the most in finance charges unless they have promotional financing available at reduced interest rates.