Get A Vizio Tv To Show The Full Screen Picture

VIZIO specializes in LCD TVs.

VIZIO is a television manufacturer that specializes in LCD high-definition TVs. If you have noticed that the video content on your TV is not filling the entire screen, you may need to make an adjustment to the viewing mode on the television. The VIZIO has several different video display modes, and not all of them fill the entire screen. Choosing the correct mode can get your TV to display full screen video.


1. Turn on your TV and find a station that does not display full screen. Typically, standard definition channels don’t display full screen and instead display two black bars on both sides of the screen.

2. Familiarize yourself with the various display modes. There are three major display modes that can make content full screen: “Wide,” “Zoom,” and “Panoramic.” Wide mode is optimal for wide-screen movies or television programs and will proportionately display the content as full screen. Zoom mode is also optimal for wide-screen movies or television programs. Zoom, however, simply cuts off the top and bottom black bars on a wide-screen program. Panoramic mode is good for standard TV broadcasts that display black bars on the right and left side of the screen. This mode stretches the left and right side of the image to fill the screen, while leaving the middle of the image intact.

3. Locate the “Wide” button on the top of your remote control. This button allows you to cycle through the various display modes.

4. Click on the “Wide” button to cycle through modes. The selected mode displays on the screen when you enter the mode. Choose the one that best suits your viewing needs. You can view each mode and choose the one that fills the screen most effectively.