Get An Appraised Value Of My Crashed Harley

When a person crashes his vehicle, he will often seek to determine the value of the automobile before attempting repairs. If the vehicle is too badly damaged, it may make more sense to scrap it for parts than to attempt to repair it. In the case of a crashed Harley, there are a number of different parties who can provide an appraisal of what the bike may be worth.

Harley Dealerships

Because Harleys often require specialized maintenance, many dealerships also double as repair shops. Often a dealership will sell not just new, but used Harleys. In this case it can make sense for you to take your crashed Harley to a dealership, which can give you both a guess as to the cost of repairs and a rough estimate of what they would be willing to pay for it.

Insurance Company

If you have car insurance — which you should, given that it’s illegal to drive without it — your insurance company will send out an appraiser who will estimate the damage to your vehicle. The insurance company will provide you with an estimated cost of repairs, and the market value of the vehicle in its current state. Beware that insurance companies tend to come in low when estimating repair costs.

Professional Appraisers

There are a number of companies that specialize in the appraisal of vehicles. Some companies specialize in the appraisal of motorcycles and will be able to provide, for a fee, a guess as to how much your hog will fetch on the open market. In some cases, these companies may also be willing to make you an offer on the vehicle, so if you’re interested in selling you can kill two birds with one stone.


When considering selling your vehicle make sure you get multiple estimates as to its value before offering it for sale. When you do list it for sale, if you’re not in a hurry, try doing so at several prices, to see what kind of offers you can get on it. The only real way of knowing what a crashed Harley will fetch on the open market — as the damage done by every crash is different — is to put it on the block.