Get Animated Wallpaper For The Htc Hd2

The HTC HD2 is a T-Mobile-offered cell phone that runs on 3G. Animated wallpapers are a relatively new feature that is available for some smartphones. The HTC HD2 in particular can carry animated wallpapers, and when you locate one that is specifically made for the device, you can easily download it.


1. Locate animated wallpapers on the Internet that you like. Make sure they are specifically designed for the HTC HD2 smartphone so that they will have a proper fit on your device.

2. Download the wallpaper of your choice to your computer. Depending on how it appears on the website, you may right-click on it to save it or left-click a link to download it.

3. Connect your HTC HD2 smartphone to your computer. Use the USB cable that came with your phone to do this.

4. Wait for the new small window to appear as your computer recognizes your phone as being connected. Click on the option to view files on your device and navigate to the folder where your wallpapers are stored.

5. Open a new window under “My Computer” or “Computer” to view your computer’s files. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the animated wallpapers.

6. Click on each wallpaper to highlight it. Right-click with your mouse to copy the file.

7. Right-click the folder that contains your smartphone‘s wallpapers and choose “Paste.” Repeat the previous step and this one to copy the remaining wallpapers you saved into the folder.

8. Disconnect your smartphone from your computer. Using your phone’s touch screen, navigate to your wallpapers folder. Select one of the new animated wallpapers to use.