Get Custom Themes Icons And Backgrounds On Your Ipod Touch (For Macs)

If you want to install custom themes, backgrounds or images on your iPod Touch, you’ll need to make a few adjustments to the device. You will need to “jailbreak” the iPod before you can customize the device. This is the only way to load third-party applications. Installing third-party applications may void Apple’s warranty for the device.


1. Open the main menu on your iPod Touch and select the “Installer” icon. Scroll through the menu items in the “Categories” screen. Select “Customize.”

2. Click “Install” from the top right portion of the next screen, then click “Install” again on the pop-up icon that appears. After the application downloads to your iPod, you’ll see the “Categories” screen.

3. Scroll through the “Categories” screen and select “Themes Customize.” This will take you to the “Packages” screen.

4. Click on the first item that has the words “Apple” or “Image” in the title, then click “Install.” Click “Install” again. Repeat this process for all of the items that say “Apple” or “Image.” These are the image and icons that you will be able to use to customize your iPod Touch.

5. Open the “Customize” application from the main menu after your iPod Touch automatically restarts. Touch the “Customize” icon on the next screen several times until the application opens.

6. Select “Dock Background” to view the various custom backgrounds you can use. When you find one you like, click its image and select “OK.”