Get Demon Slayer Fixed In “Avernum”

Spiderweb Software released “Avernum” in 2000 for the PC. It follows the story of a band of outlaws, exiled into the depths of the earth. The game features dozens of non-linear quests which the player can choose to pursue or ignore. One of these quests is to reassemble the sword Demonslayer, one of the most powerful weapons in the game, especially against infernal enemies. The sword is divided into three pieces, and once the player gathers all of them together again, he can have them repaired by giving them to Boutell the blacksmith.



1. Travel to the Nephar Fort. It’s north of Cotra and east of Fort Dranlon.

2. Walk along the western wall until you find a secret passage. It’s before the gate.

3. Head to the northwest corner of the fort. You’ll find a crypt.

4. Enter the crypt and search the alter for the pommel of the Demonslayer.


5. Travel to Cotra. Enter the middle building and speak with Eduardo to buy a boat. It costs 250 gold.

6. Sail southwest. The lake eventually narrows into a river. Anchor your boat just as the lake ends. Disembark onto the western shore.

7. Walk west through the swamp until you find the Sith Temple. Enter the temple.

8. Go to the northwest corner of the temple; walk up the stairs.

9. Enter the alter-room in the middle of the map. Search the alter to get the blade of the Demonslayer.


10. Visit the dragon Motrax. He lives in the caves north of Formello.

11. Speak with Motrax and ask about the Stone Key. He’ll tell you that he has it in his lair, stored to the west. Get the Stone Key.

12. Travel to the Crypt of Drath, which are in the Scree Pits north of Fort Emerald.

13. Walk along the southern wall of Drath’s Chamber. You’ll find a secret entrance. Travel through it.

14. Search the alter at the end of the secret passage. Take the tip of the Demonslayer.

Reassemble the Sword

15. Travel to Fort Draco. It’s west of Motrax’s cave and northwest of Formello.

16. Enter the blacksmith’s shop. It’s along the northern avenue.

17.Speak with Boutell the smith to repair the sword.