Get Extra Cable Channels

While a basic cable package comes with quite a few channels, depending on your specific interests you may find yourself looking for more. Premium cable channels are offered to customers on a subscription basis. These channels are often packaged into groups and usually have themes; as an example, HBO is a channel that shows primarily movies and original programming, while MLB’s “Extra Innings” package provides subscribers a way to watch out-of-market baseball games. You can get extra channels with a quick call to your cable company.


1. Research the channels for which you are considering a subscription. Due to extra fees, it is a good idea to be certain about how much you will pay and what you will be getting in return.

2. Visit the website of your cable provider and look for any promotional deals that may be running. Cable companies will often offer premium channels at a temporarily discounted rate as a way to boost subscriptions.

3. Call your cable company‘s customer support line. This phone number should be located on their website under “Contact Us,” “Customer Support,” or a similar title.

4. Speak with the sales representative and allow them to walk you through the process of adding new channels. Be sure to double-check the package you are getting and the total change to your monthly subscription fees.