Get Flawless Complexion

Get Flawless Complexion

To have flawless complexion requires a lot of work. Below are ten things you will need to do to have flawless skin to die for.

There are cheap and expensive ways to get the perfect complexion at any age Does this Spark an idea?


1. Radiant Skin

To have radiant skin, try a home peel. Use lemon juice on your face in the morning. Just dab a little lemon juice on to a cotton ball and pat your face with it. Leave on for 15 minutes, this will leave your face glowing all day.

2. Reducing Redness

Avoid eating spicy food and lower your alcohol intake, as they habits can cause the blood vessels to dilate.

Use toner and and cleanser daily , as the toner contains ph which calms your skin and allows your moisturizer to penetrate better.

3. Lips

When you start to age your lips tend to flatten and sag, as does other part of your face. You need to make your lips took plump, use essential oils to swell your pout, such as DuWop Lip Venom

4. Dark circle

Erasing dark circle can be a pain, but there are many quick fixes that you can do to get rid of dark circle. A cheap way, is to apply vaseline petroleum gel around your eyes at night. You will how this product work magic on your eyes.

Although caffeine might not be good for your skin if you consume it, its an excellent product when you apply it to your skin, so look for product that contains caffeine.

Try products that contains Peptides and retinoids, as they will stimulate collagen to thicken skin over blood vessels and soften lines

5. Age Spots

Sunscreen is key for prevention of age spots, therefore buy product that contains sunscreen. Try to avoid staying in the sun for long hours. Fade existing marks with brightening systems that contain glucosamine or vitamin C. For vitamin C, a at home treament is lemon juice or tomato. Get rub a piece of tomato on your skin while you are at home. Or use the lemon juice in the morning for 15 minutes daily

6. Wrinkles

At night, use products with retinols or peptides to produce collagen. You can also try facial exercise to elimate wrinkles. Vitamin A contains Retinoids , such as carrot and tomato. You can apply these food as a paste to your face when you are at home.

If you the expensive way, try Dr. Brandt Lineless Cream , or N.V. Perricone M.D. Neuropeptide Deep Wrinkle Serum and RoC Correxion Night Cream

7. Even Out Texture

Exfoliate your skin at least 3 times per week. Mixing honey and cornmeal is a cost effective way of making a scrub, it natural and work wonders. Apply paste to skin and rub gently, then leave on for 15 minutes.

For a more expensive way use Kaplan MD Cell Renewing Microfoliant or Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Plump Perfect Moisture Cream SPF 30 . Exfoliating your skin cam make it appear smoother and pores smaller.

8. Acne

Natural way of getting rid of acne is apply toothepaste directly to the pimple. Also a try aloe vera, this works miracle, it will leave your skin acne free, spot free, and glowing. the raw aloe vera plant works best.

If you want to spend to cash then try Bioré Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser and Rodan + Fields Unblemish Acne Benzoyl Peroxide Treatment these products contains ingredients benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid to kill bacteria and clear oil.

9. Dullness

As you age your face tend to get dull, exfoliation will also aid dullness, as said before use honey and cornmeal , or oatmeal to exfoliate dead skincell. If you have really dry skin try the oatmeal and honey and only exfoliate twice per week

You can also try St. Ives Elements Microdermabrasion Scrub or Peter Thomas Roth Radiance Oxygenating Masque ($50), which uses licorice-root extract to brighten.

10. Minimize Pores

The best remedy to minizing pores is witch hazel, it is cheap and very effective. Use it as a toner, you will see result in 2 days. Your pores will tighen and appear smaller.

You can also try L’Oréal Paris Skin Genesis Pore Minimizing Skin Re-Smoother , this product contains salicylic-acid. Look for product that contains both salicylic-acid or retinol.

You make also use creams that have light-reflecting properties like Paula Dorf Face Tint SPF 15 Tinted Moisturizer which instantly camouflage the appearance of pores.