Get Free Stuff For My Zune

The Zune is a portable multimedia player developed by Microsoft. The Zune is capable of playing audio files, videos, and displaying images. Zune users can also enjoy games and other applications. To get free media and applications for your Zune, you can browse through the Zune Marketplace or visit other websites offering free Zune material on the Internet.


1. Launch your Zune software and select the Marketplace. Select the Apps option and browse through the marketplace to find free apps to add to your Zune player. Some free apps include Facebook, Twitter and MSN Weather. Once you find an app you like, select the “Download” button and the app will download to your computer and be visible in your Zune Library.

2. Download free games to add to your Zune. In the Zune Marketplace, select Apps and then select Games from the menu on the left-side of the interface. Select the Download button again to save these free games to your computer and Zune Library. Some other alternatives on the web are Zunerama, BestZuneGames and WowZune. These three websites also offer free games that can be downloaded to your Zune mp3 player.

3. Put free wallpaper on your Zune player. The wallpaper displays in the background of your Zune screen similar to computer desktop wallpaper. The Zune Marketplace doesn’t offer wallpaper downloads, but Zunerama, FreeZuneWallpaper, and Zune-Wallpapers all offer free wallpaper downloads ranging from popular cartoon characters to Star Wars movie themes.

4. Download free music and videos to your Zune player. Go to the Zune Marketplace, and enter in the keyword “free” into the search field in the top-right of the interface. A list of free music albums, single songs, and music videos will be listed. Select the Download button to save the media to your computer.