Get Hampton Bay Parts

Get Hampton Bay Parts

If you find your home’s Hampton Bay ceiling fans and other lighting fixtures useful because they make your life more comfortable and enable you to reduce the cost of heating and cooling your home, then it can be a real nuisance when they break or otherwise stop working. If you decide to fix the broken item yourself, and you will need to get replacement parts. Does this Spark an idea?


Get Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Parts

1. As the exclusive retailer for Hampton Bay ceiling fans, Home Depot offers a lifetime warranty on them. Therefore, if your Hampton Bay ceiling fan breaks or fails and it’s not your fault, the easiest solution will usually be to return the fan to Home Depot for a replacement under the warranty. This is a great deal, and you should take advantage of it.

2. If, however, you prefer to repair the fan yourself rather than exchange it for a new one, you can get replacement parts. The easiest way is to drive to your local Home Depot store, where you probably bought the fan, and ask them to order for you. Home Depot also has a customer service line (1-800-654-0688) that you can call if you don’t want to go to the store to order the parts, and the Hampton Bay Company has its own customer service number (1-877-527-0313) where you can also find parts for their products.

3. If you don’t want to contact Home Depot for help, you can find numerous ceiling fan parts sites on the Internet. Some of the sites have some pretty good bargains relative to what you’ll pay at Home Depot.

4. Hampton Bay makes numerous other products as well, from lighting fixtures to patio furniture. As these items have no moving parts, they’re much less likely to break due to manufacturing defects and therefore have more limited warranties, usually one year. If they do happen to fail after the expiration of the warranty period and you decide you want to fix them yourself, you have the same avenues available to you to get replacement parts as with the ceiling fans: return them to Home Depot to order the part; call one of the customer service numbers to order parts; or find the replacement part at one of the many available Internet vendors.