Get Local Hd Channels Without Cable

The days of the wire hanger TV antenna are behind us.

As of June 12, 2009, you can no longer use a standard rabbit ear antenna to pick up local television stations without cable. This is because your local TV channels are now being broadcast in high definition, which requires special equipment to receive. You can still get these channels on your television for free, but unfortunately, the equipment is not free. You need the right equipment to get local HD channels without cable.


1. Purchase a digital-to-analog converter box. These can be purchased through electronics stores, department stores and other retailers. You can also find them online. If you have a newer TV that accepts digital signals, you may not need the converter box.

2. Purchase an antenna. The antenna needs to be able to pick up the reception for VHF and UHF channels. This ensures you can receive all your local HD channels.

3. Connect the converter box to your television set, typically through a coaxial cable connection, and plug it into a power source.

4. Connect the antenna to the converter box, and plug the antenna into a power source. Place the antenna on top of your television. Unlike traditional rabbit ear antennas, moving it around won’t help reception. If you can’t receive the channels with it hooked up, purchase a more powerful antenna. If your TV accepts digital signals, hook the antenna directly up to the TV.