Get Los Angeles Fta Satellite Receiver Channels

Position the FTA satellite dish accurately.

No particular device specifically receives Los Angeles free-to-air (FTA) satellite receiver channels. Those channels are received along with any other that are picked up by an FTA satellite receiver connected to a satellite dish that points to an FTA satellite. The nature of free-to-air channels, as opposed to OTA (over-the-air) channels, is that the latter are broadcast via radio waves, while the FTA channels are transmitted via satellites pointed to FTA digital receivers. The position of FTA satellites is facing due south toward Texas.


1. Position an existing satellite dish in the direction of FTA satellites. Generally, this means pointing the dish due south. Adjust the azimuth and elevation setting on the satellite dish to fine-tune the positioning for maximum signal strength reception.

2. Obtain and install an FTA receiver, in all probability in place of an existing pay satellite TV service DVR.

3. Connect all the cables from the previous satellite dish to the FTA receiver’s inputs.

4. Connect all the cables from the television to the FTA receiver’s outputs.

5. Turn on the FTA receiver and the television, tune to the correct TV input that the FTA receiver is connected through, and view a station to verify that the FTA receiver is working properly.

6. Point the satellite dish. Generally, position the dish due south for FTA satellites. Ideally, use a compass to match the coordinates to individual FTA program sources. It is also beneficial to attach a motorized base to the satellite stand section to provide remote control movement of the dish for tuning purposes.