Get Married In South Dakota

The Black Hills and Badlands: Natural wonders never cease in the great prairie state of South Dakota. There’s a prevalent western heritage in this state, most notably represented by Mount Rushmore, and it’s a dramatic place to tie the knot. Here’s get married in South Dakota.


1. Set a date for your wedding ceremony. Marriage licenses expire within 20 days in South Dakota, so don’t even worry about applying for one until you know the exact date you’ll be married (see Resources below).

2. Prepare a guest list. Be judicious in choosing guests because the more people that come, the more the wedding will cost. After your list is complete, send your invitations and wait for RSVPs.

3. Choose a location. You will likely have to be flexible with either your date or location. Decide which one is more important (if either) and then choose the other to suit it. South Dakota offers plenty of unique locations, from an outdoor wedding with a mountain backdrop to elegant chapels and churches in a rural setting (see Resources below).

4. Hire an officiant to perform the ceremony. For most, this means either an ordained clergy member of a particular faith or an empowered member of the government like a judge or county clerk.

5. Plan the ceremony and reception. Most ceremonies and receptions have a color-coordinated theme. Refreshments and entertainment will be among the things people remember most about the reception.