Get More Youtube Video Views


Are you desperately trying to figure out ways to get more video views on your Youtube videos? Well here are some ways that will help increase your video views! Enjoy


1. TITLE – Your title is key, you need to have a title that will draw the viewer to click on your video link. Make sure your title has to do with your subject, a catchy title that will make them curious and anxious of what is on your video. Make sure you have proper punctuation. Here is an example about a video about dogs:

1. “dogg can barks good”



BETTER, using capitalized words can be intriguing, exclamation marks too.

2. THUMBNAIL- The thumbnail is the screenshot preview of your video. This is also an important thing. When I am looking for new videos, I would say that the thumbnail would be the most influential for me to click on it, make sure it relates to your title as well. You need the screenshot to be very interesting! You will have a choice between 3 random screenshots to choose from. When you become a Youtube Partner, you will be able to create your own. Here is an Example of a video about a motorcycle stunt:

1. A thumbnail showing the gravel and grass on the floor


2. A thumbnail of a motorcycle doing a flip in the air

When they see something like this, they will most likely click, but its kind of luck, since its random screenshots you pick from, until your a partner.

3. TAGS- Make sure you leave many tags of words that will attract your videos from search or related videos. This is very crucial to get your video out there. Leave tags that are only related to your video. Here is an example about a video about cooking pizza:

1. “bikini girls pizza Kanye West Me Cook”


2. “New York Style Pizza Hawaiian Cooking Recipe Instructions”

Better, people will have an easier time finding the video that are looking for.

4. VIDEO STYLE- Make sure you have your own unique video style going, after making a variety of videos, you will began seeing which videos you enjoy making the most and which videos get the most views. If you look at the top subscribed youtubers, everyone has a distinct video style! No Posers.

5. TOPIC- If you do a topic about something currently in the news a lot, you will most likely get more hits. For an example you can a video about Miley Cyrus, or whoever in the news. For an example this week Kanye West rudely interrupts Taylor Swift, and I noticed a lot of videos got a lot of videos on this topic whether it is a vlog or parody. You can definitely easily get more views by making videos about current topics in the news and media.

6. VIDEO QUALITY- I would recommend using a higher quality camera. One thing I hate is watching fuzzy video where you can barely make out the video. Don’t use your video camera on your phone. I would suggest buying an HD camera, all the top subscribed people on youtube mostly have HD cameras, and it makes the videos more enjoyable.

7. VIDEO LENGTH – Depending on how long you can keep your viewers attention, do not make them to long, the average video length I see is about 5 minutes. I would recommend for starters, to make 2-3minute videos, you do not want to bore you viewers to death. If I see a video that is 9 minutes, I am only going to watch it if I really like the way it is going.

8. WELL EDITED VIDEOS- I would also recommend that you spend time on a script making the video, and having your video edited, add different camera angles, music, headlines, anything. If you watch the top notch Youtubers, you will see how much work they put into editing, look at what they do like smosh or shane dawson.

9. RESPOND TO YOUR COMMENTS- Get involved with your subscribers and reply to their comments, generate some discussion and feedback. This will lead them back to the video and increasing your comment count and view count and maybe even having them subscribe. You and your viewers have to be in sync.

10. CONNECT- Get a Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, even a second Youtube Account for personal vlogs. Get anything with social networking, and leave plenty of links on your channel and your video info. This will get your subscribers able to track of you, and more chance of getting more people to subscribe, you will be able to draw your myspace and facebook friends to your videos as well, so vice versa, leave links to your video on your social networking sites.

11. ANNOTATIONS- I think these come into great use. Make one to rate 5/5 for a scene on the video. Always ask to play in HD/Higher Quality(You should get an extra view with this too). Use them to create links to other sites you have. Or list any additional info about the video there.

12. COPYRIGHT ISSUES- try to have all your content created by you, if you want to become a youtube partner eventually, then you should keep your videos copyright free. Nigahiga had to remove almost half his videos from copyright issues. Learn from his and many other youtubers mistakes.

13. PROMOTING YOUR VIDEO- send your video to your friends comments on myspace, leave bulletins or status to view your new video. Post your video on your social networking profiles. Keep your main and secondary youtube channels with your new video as your default.

14. POST A LOT OF VIDEOS- Make sure you post videos frequently, posting one every 2 months will not work very week, one video a week, is a pretty good number. If you post like 5 videos a day, you might get subscribers leaving you because, your blocking out all there other subscriptions tabs, and they think your not putting any time into your videos

15. That is all I can think of right now, I hope I have helped you someway to improve you to get more views to your videos. I hope you get a lot of views guys! Leave comments to add on for other ways.