Get Motorcycle Repair Training

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts growth in the field of small-engine mechanics. This is a fun and interesting career path. Whether you want to use your time working on super bikes, custom choppers or down-and-dirty, off-road bikes there is plethora of training available to you.


1. Choose a course of study. If your only passion is a particular make of motorcycle and you would like to work for a dealership or open your own specialty repair shop, then look for a school that specializes in that make. Some companies, such as Harley Davidson, have official trade schools that allow aspiring technicians to learn about a specific make. If you like all bikes, then find a generalized course of study at a trade school near you.

2. Decide on a school. Once you know where your motorcycle repair interests lie you can decide how you want to be trained. There are many distance-learning opportunities in this career field that allow you to work in your home at your pace. If you would learn better with one-on-one instruction you might prefer a trade-school setting.

3. Try to get a job in the field. Many people find that working under a professional helps in their training. Working, a few hours a day or even full time, as an assistant to a mechanic can teach you as much or more than you might learn in a school setting.

4. Keep your skills up-to-date with continuing education. Motorcycle companies, trade groups, and technical schools all offer training for the professional mechanic. It is important to stay up-to-date with the changes in design of motorcycles and their components.