Get Paid To Recycle Used Electronics

Get Paid To Recycle Used Electronics

Most of us have used up and broken electronics laying around the house just gathering dust. Here is a way to turn those broken down, hunks of junk into cash in your pocket, while doing a good deed for the environment.

This Spring add electronics recycling to your Spring cleaning to-do list and watch the cash roll in.


1. *Gather Up Your Worn Out Electronics For Recycling*

Get together your old cell phones, T.V.’s, computer monitors, Radios, VCR’s, game consoles and whatever else you have laying around taking up space. None of these devices should be thrown in the trash to be taken to the landfill; they all contain dangerous chemicals that are harmful to our environment and they should be recycled.

You can earn yourself even more money by offering to recycle your friend’s and neighbor’s broken electronics. By taking the recyclables off their hands for free they will be saving themselves the recycling fee most recyclers charge. Or you can share this article with friends and family so they can make a little extra dough too!


There are several organizations that will take your cell phones and recycle them BUT here is a company that will actually BUY your cell phones from you:


will buy your used cell phones. I have a Samsung Blackjack II i617 that cell for cash will buy from me for $35.00. Just visit their website and choose your phone model to find out what they will pay for your phones. Cell for cash also pays for the shipping costs.

Once Cell For Cash has your phone they will strip it of the valuable components, properly dispose of the harmful chemicals, recycle what can be recycled and destroy the rest. Cell For Cash has recycled over 250,000 phones, will buy over 600 cell phone models and has paid out over 1 million dollars since 2002.

Your old beat up phones are more valuable than you might think. Don’t throw money in the trash by sticking your phones in the garbage. Do the right thing for your finances and the environment and have them recycled.


Don’t limit your electronics recycling to just cell phones. You can earn money by recycling almost any electronic device you can get your hands on. It’s good for the environment and it’s good for you!


Visit Gazelle, search for the electronics item you would like to recycle for cash. Once you have chosen the item you’ll be recycling answer a few questions in regard to it’s condition and accessories; then Gazelle will provide you with a bid to buy your used electronics for recycling. If you accept their bid Gazelle will send you a box with paid shipping to send them your electronics. You can choose to be paid by check or paypal; you may even opt to donate your earnings to charity.

Once Gazelle has received and inspected your electronics you will receive notification by email and then again when your payment is issued. Gazelle will remove any personal information from the electronics you sell them. They will refurbish and extend the life of electronics that are still in working order and recycle the electronics that are broken.

Earn money, make space and do your part to save the environment … Recycle your electronics for cash!