Get Rid Of A Dead Big Screen Tv

Big-screen TV

Getting rid of your dead big screen TV isn’t that hard. The hardest part is getting the thing out of your house and to a recycling center. Most trash trucks will not pick up a big screen TV, so you will generally have to bring it to a drop-off center. The electrical components in your TV can pollute the planet if thrown away, so send your dead TV to a recycling center–by far the best option for getting rid of it.


1. Go to and enter your zip code. They will give you a list of recycling centers in your area that will take your TV.

2. Get your TV outside of your house. You will likely need a helping hand for this. Once you have it outside, load it into your vehicle. Make sure you safely put the TV inside your car; it isn’t wise to tie the TV to the top of your car, especially if you have to drive far.

3. Bring your TV to the recycling center closest to you. Before you go to the recycling center, check their hours of operation.