Get Started In Hot Shot Hauling

Hot shot haulers help save space on larger trucks for other needed freight deliveries.

Hot shot hauling involves carrying smaller loads of goods than what is considered a full load for a full-sized semi. Hot shot haulers drive one-ton dually pick-ups that can pull a 40-foot gooseneck trailer. The practice of hiring hot shot haulers saves companies resources and expenses when a full-size semi-truck is not needed. In addition, hot shot haulers can often deliver loads in less time than even an expedited freighter can. Hot shot haulers own their own vehicles and trailers and often work as independent contractors for one specific carrier. Because of this, hot shot haulers are responsible for the costs of maintaining their own vehicles, fuel costs, and liability insurance. Carrier companies handle invoicing, paperwork, scheduling, and customer relations.


1. Find a trucking company that you would like to work with. Check job listings in your area for companies hiring hot shot drivers. Online classified sites like Craigslist and forums dedicated to truckers are also good places to find hot shot companies.

2. After you’re hired, talk to managers within the company about what you have to offer and the benefits of working for them. Meet other hot shot haulers who work for the company and find out what the working conditions and pay are like.

3. Take a DOT physical and drug test. This is required of hot shot haulers in most states. The trucking company that you signed with will give you instructions on where to find test sites.

4. Purchase or lease a hot shot hauler truck and trailer.

5. Take the steps to make your hot shot hauling rig legal. Tag the vehicle appropriately. Hot shot haulers need apportioned plates just like larger trucks. You will also need full coverage vehicle insurance for the truck.