Get The Av Multioutlet To Work Without The Hdmi On The Ps3

Reset the video output settings if the HDMI output isn’t in use.

When a PlayStation 3 that is set for HDMI output is connected to an external device using the AV composite connection, no video or audio appears on the external display. This problem is common if you are using a refurbished console or a new external display that doesn’t have an HDMI input. To fix this problem, reset the PS3’s factory video and audio settings, then reconfigure the system for the new connection mode.


1. Press and hold the “Power” button on the front of the console to switch to Standby mode if the device isn’t already in Standby mode. When the PS3 is in Standby mode, the power light will be red.

2. Press and hold the “Power” button until you hear two beeps. The red light blinks and the PS3 boots up using the default video settings.

3. Select the correct video input channel on your display. AV composite inputs typically use “Video In” or “Input” channels.

4. Press the “PS” button on the PS3 controller to turn it on.

5. Log in to your user account; if this is a new console, create a new user account.

6. Select “Settings” on the XrossMediaBar, then select “Display Settings” and press “X.”

7. Select “Video Output Settings” and press “X.”

8. Select “AV-MULTI / SCART” from the menu and press “X.” The console tests the new video connection. Select “OK” and press “X” after the console is finished testing the connection. A list of compatible video output modes appears. The AV composite connection supports only 480p or 480i video modes.

9. Select “16:9” if you are using a widescreen display or “4:3” if you are using a standard display, then press “X.”

10. Review your settings and press “X” to confirm the changes.