Get The Best Picture From My Hd Tv

HDTV picture can be improved by changing settings.

High-definition televisions (HDTVs) are becoming more popular since the demise of analog TV. There are several kinds of HDTVs including plasma, LCD and DLP. If you recently purchased an HDTV, you may not know get the best picture.


1. Make sure you have a high-definition receiver, such as a cable box or satellite receiver. You can’t view content in high definition unless you upgrade your receiver.

2. Make sure the settings on your receiver match your HDTV‘s resolution. HD receivers allow you to change the broadcast resolution between various settings, including 420i, 420p, 720i, 720p, 1080i and 1080p.

3. Try different high-definition cables for the best picture. Three major cables can be used to transfer high-definition data: HDMI, DVI or component. Any of the three can produce the best picture depending on your TV and receiver setup.

4. Lower the brightness on your HDTV to increase the contrast. HDTVs in retail stores are typically set at the brightest level to impress customers.

5. Turn off the “Stretch” mode on your HDTV. Stretching out non high-definition broadcasts often makes the picture appear distorted or bloated. Change your settings to “Normal” or “4:3 ratio” to turn off the stretch. You’ll get black bars on either side of the picture, but non-HD broadcasts will be much clearer.