Get The Best Price On A Bicycle (Buy Cheap Bikes)

Trek Mountain Bike

With the many different types and qualities of bicycles on the market, purchasing one may be a bit confusing. Here’s cut out the confusion and buy the right bicycle for you at a great price.


1. The very first thing to decide is who will be using this bicycle. Is it a child or adult.

2. After you’ve decided who the bike is for it is important to decide what the bike will be used for. There are many types of bikes available and you don’t want to waste your money on the wrong bike.

Some of the types of bicycles available are: trick bikes (BMX Bikes), training wheels bikes, adult tricycles, tandem bicycles, mountain bikes, hybrid bicycles, comfort bikes and racing bicycles.

3. When you have decided who the bike is for and what it will be used for I like to go to and do a search under bikes to find reviews on several bikes and compare prices. This website is very handy when comparing prices and saves a lot of footwork and gas.

4. When you have narrowed your search, go to the stores to try them out. Not all frames will fit you the way you think they might. A small person cannot use the same bike as a tall person and the same goes for the reverse. You don’t have to buy your bike at this bike shop but it is a good idea to try a couple out and get a good feel for the size of the bike.

5. Shopping clubs such as Price Club, Costco and BJ’s will often have reduced prices on bicycles but this is a seasonal purchase so if you see something you like in one of these stores, don’t delay purchasing the bicycle, it may not be there in a week or two.

6. Large sporting goods stores will carry bicycles but may not offer you the personalized help you may want or need. If you plan on buying a bike at one of these stores, your best bet is to bring a friend who knows about bikes. Very often these stores will have coupons in the local paper or on line so check these sources before shopping.

7. When shopping at large retailers another way to save money is to open a credit card account with them. They very often have discounts for new credit card holders. If you plan on paying the balance off in full, this will benefit you. If you don’t plan to pay this off immediately this could actually be a big mistake and cost you lots of money. Remember, retail store charge more than 20% interest, and let’s not forget the late fees!

8. Your local bike shop is likely to charge you a bit more money than anywhere else you shop but if you buy last years model, you can save big at these shops. If you are planning on buying more than one bike, be sure to use this to your advantage and haggle the price down. Let them know if you’ve seen the bicycle elsewhere for cheaper, they may negotiate the price.

Buying at a local shop does have its advantages and they include personalized service, repairs and regular maintenance.

9. Buying a used bike is a good idea for those who are looking to save money on a good bike. The savings could be as high as 75% depending on the bike and its condition. If you are willing to purchase a bike with a few character blemishes, this may be the way to go for you. Be sure to have this bike checked out by a friend who knows about bikes if you are not familiar with the mechanics of a bike. Bike repairs could really add up and cost you a fortune.

10. Remember, buying a bike is an investment. Its an investment in you! Bike riding is good for your physical and mental health. Get out and go bike riding today!