Get To The Battery On A 2006 Harley Deluxe

Dressed in full-length fenders and white-walled tires, the Softail Deluxe evokes Harley-Davidson’s nostalgic heritage. Deep within the classically inspired bike is the motorcycle’s battery. Although the battery isn’t often disturbed, you will need to access it should installation of custom electrical parts and routine maintenance be necessary. Despite the layers of decadent chrome, finding the battery is simple.


1. Lift the leather flap on the rear of the rider’s saddle upward to reveal the mounting bolts. Unscrew the mounting bolts with a screwdriver.

2. Lift the rear of the saddle upward slightly and pull the saddle to the rear of the motorcycle to disengage its metal tab from the frame. Set the saddle aside. The battery will now be exposed, centered in between the frame rails in the area directly below the saddle mount.

3. Loosen the battery retention strap and remove the battery from the battery tray by lifting vertically out of the frame.

4. Replace the saddle by sliding the metal tab into the frame. Lower the saddle onto the frame and tighten the mounting bolts with a screwdriver.