Gift Ideas For A Harley Davidson Wedding

Finding a gift for Harley-Davidson enthusiasts can be a challenge.

Finding the ideal wedding gift for family or friends is never easy; but when you attend a less traditional wedding, the task may be even more difficult. If you are invited to a Harley-Davidson themed wedding, you may not even know where to begin your gift shopping. Fortunately, there are several fun and some even slightly traditional items that any Harley-Davidson loving couple will appreciate on their special day.


When you’re attending a Harley-Davidson wedding, you may be tempted to go with a truly outrageous gift. However, traditional gifts with a twist can be a fun option as well. Most couples receive glassware as a wedding present, but for a Harley-Davidson wedding, consider giving the happy couple glasses that feature the motorcycle manufacturer’s distinctive logo. Available on the Harley-Davidson website, you can choose from wine, old fashion, pilsner and pint glasses. If you are looking for an edgier gift, Harley-Davidson sells glassware with a skull logo as well. You can also pair the glassware with Harley-Davidson logo barware items, such as a bottle opener and coaster set.

Coffee Mugs

Another traditional wedding gift that fits the Harley-Davidson theme is a set of coffee mugs featuring the company’s logo. There are several different styles and sizes available, so you can mix and match for a funky gift or put together a matching set for the happy couple’s kitchen.

Wall Art

Many newly married couples move into a new house or apartment, so they may need artwork to decorate their home. At a Harley-Davidson themed wedding, Harley-Davidson artwork can make an ideal gift. Many photographs or prints of Harley-Davidson motorcycles come already matted and framed, so they are ready to be given as gifts when you purchase them. For a couple that has flashier tastes, you may also find Harley-Davidson artwork that features neon or LED lights for a fun, unique piece of wall art.

Road Atlas and Motorcycle Accessories

If the happy couple plans to take their honeymoon on their motorcycle, a Harley-Davidson road atlas may be a good gift option. The book suggests scenic routes throughout North America, along with maps and information regarding state laws and emergency roadside assistance. Service station, restaurant and lodging locations are also provided. The atlas also has a tear-resistant cover that makes it durable enough to withstand a long road trip. In addition, you may want to give the newly married couple other accessories to use on their honeymoon road trip. Consider giving them a GPS navigator or luggage designed specifically to fit on the back of a motorcycle. Packable rain suits are another good option.