Gifts For A Man With A Motorcycle

There are a number of gifts for the motorcycle enthusiast in your life.

For the bike enthusiast, motorcycle gifts are practical as well as sentimental. You can surround him with his favorite brand’s memorabilia or give him useful gifts for his travels on the road. The biking industry produces a wide array of gifts and memorabilia, so there are plenty of gift ideas for a man with a motorcycle.


Any man who enjoys riding a motorcycle will enjoy receiving clothing manufactured by his favorite motorcycle brand. Another thoughtful gift is a t-shirt with the brand insignia of his favorite motorcycle company on it. T-shirts from an annual motorcycle show or event may also be appreciated by bikers. Outerwear, such as a leather or jean jacket, is essential to bikers’ comfort and safety. You may even want to have patches from his favorite bike line sewn on the jacket.

Protective Gear

Protective gear is essential for any bike enthusiast. One great gift idea for a biker is a helmet with an unique design or a personalized logo. Besides helmets, many bikers need sunglasses to protect their eyes. Stylish sunglasses that can stay on securely at any speed are a thoughtful gift idea. Another great gift idea is leather gloves to protect his hands from friction or sweat during long drives.

Portable Storage Units

An attachable storage unit is the perfect gift idea for a biker who enjoys long trips. Storage units or bags can attach to the back of any bike. Most of the units are water-resistant and weather-proof. You should buy a unit that has a protective casing in case the unit or bag accidentally falls off the bike. Another option is a small messenger bag that can hang off the side of the motorcycle. The messenger bags are a great solution for small trips and errands.


If he has a room dedicated to his interests, such as a “man cave,” motorcycle decor may make the perfect gift. Logos, neon lights, posters and models of motorcycles are popular gift ideas. You can even base the room around the theme of a particular motorcycle model or brand.


A subscription to a popular motorcycle magazine is another gift idea. Ultimate Motorcycling Magazine or Motorcycle Consumer News are just a few examples of popular biking magazines that he may enjoy.