Gifts For Motorcycle Riders

Gifts for motorcycle riders include practical gifts that they’ll find useful.

Shopping for a motorcycle rider usually involves visiting a motorcycle dealership or buying from a website that sells authorized merchandise. Sticking to novelty items, including clothing and toys, is bound to get boring after awhile, for both you and the recipient. Gifts for motorcycle riders include items that give them inspiration and items that they’ll actually use on their bikes.

Motorcycle Accessories

Motorcycle accessories include items that fit onto the motorcycle and things that the rider needs. A simple bag that attaches to the bike is a good gift idea. The bags are waterproof and protect the things they need on their travels. You’ll also find packs that attach directly to the back of the motorcycle, which gives the rider easy access, without taking up too much space. Messenger bags are another idea because the bags fit comfortably over the rider’s arms and have just enough room to store their everyday items and personal effects. Manufacturers also make comfort grips that attach directly onto the handlebars of the motorcycle and keep the rider’s hands from cramping up. Gloves and clothing that protects the rider also make good gifts.

Motorcycle Books

For riders who enjoy time away from the bike, look for books specifically by motorcycle riders or for motorcycle riders. Gregory Frazier is the author of “Riding the World.” The author rode his motorcycle around the world on two different occasions and used those experiences in his book. The book offers advice, from both him and other riders, to those planning to travel by motorcycle. Different sections of the book focus on staying safe, packing for the trip, planning a route and where and sleep. The book also includes some color photographs. The rider in your life might also appreciate the “Harley Davidson’s Ride Atlas of America.” This road atlas was specifically written for motorcycle enthusiasts and includes information on scenic routes across the country, gas stations and laws in each state.

GPS System

Motorcycle gift ideas also include a useful GPS system. Look for one that easily mounts to the front of a motorcycle, or even a handheld device, which fits into the rider’s pocket. If you can’t find one that attaches to the bike, purchase an extra holder that the rider can attach himself. The GPS system provides detailed routes and directions to locations across the country. It’s a must for riders who like traveling on their bike because it effectively keeps them from getting lost.