Gifts For Women Bikers

If your lady likes the feel of the open road, find a gift that reflects here love of motorcycles.

When pondering what special gift to give your lady biker, the first items that spring to mind probably revolve around her motorcycle, and that’s OK. However, if she’s a bike aficionado, she probably already has plenty of motorcycle figurines, key chains and t-shirts, so don’t necessarily go with your very first idea. Think about what kind of bike she likes best, whether she takes long road trips, and what gear she already owns.

Biker Goody Bag

Start with a bag—it can be an expensive saddle bag, tote bag with her favorite bike make on it, or just any bag she can take on her trips. Fill this with small items that show you’ve been thinking of her and her bike, like hand warmers, reflective tape, helmet freshener, helmet locks and a seat cover. For fun, add “helmet ears,” which are available in the shape of devil horns, cat ears, bunny ears and more. The result is a goody bag of fun and functional items that show you put thought into her gift.

Biker Books

If your lady biker friend enjoys tinkering with her motorcycle, get her a book such as “The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Maintenance” by Mark Zimmerman, or “Motorcycle Basics Techbook” by Matthew Coombs. She will also enjoy reading informative books like “The Encyclopedia of the Motorcycle” by Peter Henshaw, “Proficient Motorcycling: Mastering the Ride” by David L. Hough. And if she would like an aesthetically pleasing book to adorn the coffee table, “Motorcycle:Evolution, Design, Passion” by Mick Walker or “Legendary Motorcycles” by Basam Wasef will be just the perfect.

Biker Jewelry

She may not be the most feminine of your pals, or maybe she’s a little rough around the edges, but she will still appreciate being able to show off her softer side. You will be able to find a piece of jewelry that is just her style at one of the numerous web sites that sells motorcycle charms, pendants, bracelets or watches. Sometimes a biker chic is just a chic.