Glue Harley Emblems Onto A Gas Tank

Though Harley Davidson rarely changes their logo entirely, many of their newer motorcycles have bigger, flashier emblems on their tanks that would spice up the look of an older bike. Make your older Harley look new again with an aftermarket tank emblem.


1. Use an X-acto knife or similar pointed, sharp object to pry the existing emblem off your gas tank. Be careful not to scratch the paint next to or around the emblem.

2. Holding the new emblem in place (without glue!) use a pencil to very lightly mark the edges where it will be attached.

3. Use 400 grit sandpaper to scuff the area where the emblem will be glued. This will help the glue set more completely and ensure that it will not come off under vibration. Do not sand all the way through the paint, just rough the area until it is lightly discolored.

4. Apply a liberal amount of 3M adhesive or a similar fast-holding glue to the center of the rough spot on the tank. Press the emblem on tightly and wipe away any glue that seeps out around the edges.

5. Hold the emblem on tightly for at least fifteen minutes. Do not ride your motorcycle for twelve hours, at which point the glue will have dried and hardened, holding the emblem on permanently.