Gmc Truck Steering Problems

GMC truck steering problems have led to recalls.

General Motors Company and the National Highway Traffic System Administration have announced multiple safety recalls due to steering problems in GMC trucks. Sierra pickups with model years of 2003-2006 may experience difficulty steering due to a range of manufacturing defects. If not repaired, any of these steering problems could lead to a crash.

Power Steering Hose Defect

On October 4, 2005, General Motors recalled 123,592 vehicles including certain 2005-2006 model year Sierra pickup trucks for problems with the power steering hose. A manufacturing defect may cause the hose to break and leak fluid if the steering wheel is turned extremely to the left or right while braking.

Steering Connector Bolt Defect

On January 20, 2005, General Motors recalled certain 2005 model year GMC Sierra trucks to replace the bolt connecting the steering gear to the steering shaft. If not repaired, the defective bolt may break and cause a loss of steering.

Hydraulic Brake System Defects

In January 2004 and February 2005, General Motors recalled certain 2003-2005 Sierra pickups for manufacturing issues that could result in steering problems. A defect in the hydro-boost relief valve in 2003-2004 GMC Sierra trucks may cause the driver to have to use excessive force to steer and/or brake. A potentially problematic hydro-boost assembly in 2004-2005 GMC Sierra trucks may cause an hydraulic fuel leak, which may lead the driver to experience steering and brake problems.