Gogglemount My Contour Hd Camera

The Contour HD is highly popular for capturing point of view motocross videos.

The Contour HD has become one of the best selling miniature sports action cameras thanks to its simple, single button operation and outstanding high-definition video capture. Its compact size and robust waterproof construction make it ideal for use as a helmet camera to capture footage of any number of extreme sports from the participant’s point of view. The Contour HD’s unique “Trail Mounts” make mounting the camera to your goggle strap extremely fast and simple.


1. Slide the goggle mount into the rails on the Contour HD camera; it will click into place when it is as far forward as it will go.

2. Hold the camera in one hand and the square base of the goggle mount in the other. Depress the large tab at the top of the mount with your thumb and pull the camera, with the circular section of mount attached, away from the base.

3. Set the camera aside. Hook your goggle strap into the slots in the base of the mount which are now accessible. The solid face of the mount must be on the inside of the strap so it will be in contact with your helmet when the goggles are being worn.

4. Press the circular section of the goggle mount, which is attached to your Contour HD, back into the base over the strap.

5. Align your Contour HD when you are wearing the goggles. Switch the camera on to activate the lasers and stand in front of a wall. Adjust the horizontal alignment by rotating the lens. Set the vertical alignment by removing the rails from the base, rotating and reattaching.