Grease The Steering Head Bearings On A Harley Davidson Springer Fork

With Springer forks, check the steering head frequently for proper operation.

Harley-Davidson Springer Softail models use an opposed, tapered roller-bearing system to support the forks in the steering head. Springer forks are a predecessor to the common modern hydraulic fork. Modern technology and engineering have improved the Springer forks to make them a viable alternative suspension system, and they lend a nostalgic appearance to the motorcycle. In spite of the benefits of modern engineering, however, Springer forks transmit a considerable amount of shock and stress to the steering head, necessitating a shorter service interval of 2,500 miles, as opposed to the 10,000-mile service interval for hydraulic forks.


1. Locate the Zerk fitting — also referred to as the grease fitting — on the right side of the steering head.

2. Press and hold the fitting on the end of the grease gun nozzle securely on the Zerk fitting.

3. Pump grease slowly into the steering head until the grease begins to ooze out of the top and bottom of the steering head.

4. Remove the grease gun. Using a clean shop rag, wipe any excess grease from the Zerk fitting as well as the upper and lower ends of the steering head.