Ground A Tv Antenna Coax Cable

Ground a TV Antenna Coax Cable

Grounding an antenna or cable is important to avoid any power surges or lightening strikes. The process of grounding is connecting the cable to a cable block, which has a separate wire running to a grounding rod that is driven into the ground. This process will safely discharge an electrical surge harmlessly into the ground and help prevent it from damaging the home’s electrical system or electronics.


1. Locate the area where the cable from the TV exits the home. This is where you will mount the grounding block and rod.

2. Hammer the grounding rod into the ground about six to eight inches away from the exterior wall. This will allow you to avoid hitting the concrete foundation. Drive the rod into the ground until there are six inches of the end left sticking out.

3. Attach the grounding block to the exterior wall using the screwdriver and included screws.

4. Slide one end of the copper wire through the labeled hole on the grounding block and tighten the screw down to hold it in place. Stretch the wire out to reach the grounding rod. Wrap the wire around the end of the rod and secure it in place with the hose clamp. Cut away any excess copper wire.

5. Screw the connector on the end of the cable from the antenna into the labeled “antenna in” connector on the grounding block. Screw the connector on the end of the cable from the TV to the labeled “antenna out” connector on the grounding block.