Hairstyles For Helmets

There are many hairstyles to wear with helmets.

Whether you ride a bike or motorcycle, protecting your head each time you go out is vital to reduce chances of death or traumatic brain injuries in the event of an accident or falling over. For those who ride their bikes to work, the thought of putting a helmet on and then showing up with the dreaded “helmet head,” which is when the hair is flat against the skull, or having a sweaty head is enough to put some people off from being safe. Does this Spark an idea?


If you have long hair, one of the most practical hairstyles you can have when wearing a helmet is a low ponytail at the base of the neck. This keeps the hair from blowing around while riding on the bike or motorcycle, but does not cause the hair to become messy under the helmet. If you wear your hair simple and do not style it, simply remove the hair band when you get to your destination and shake out your hair to give it some volume.


If you are worried about how your hair will look when you get to work, think about putting it either into a single braid down the length of the back, or into two braids pigtail-style. Keeping the hair in braids will allow the hair to remain sleek as you ride to work, and then when you get to your office untie the braids to have a subtle wavy look. Don’t braid the hair when it is wet, but rather do it after blow-drying the hair. That will keep the hair from getting frizzy after a ride to work. The look is ideal for summer. A similar look could be achieved for women by twisting the hair into a low ponytail and wrapping it around the hair band to create a bun. When you get to work, untie the bun for some subtle ringlets.


For those who have long hair, protecting it from the sun and wind is important to prevent damage to ends. If you like to take long trips on a motorcycle, use a hair oil to add extra moisture into the hair to protect it from the elements and think about using a bandana to protect the scalp from the helmet. Take a square bandana and fold it in half from opposite corners and then place over the hair. Tie the two corners under the braid or ponytail to protect it from the helmet, but the look will also be suitable for when you take the helmet off.