Handle Harley Davidson Recalls

Every type of vehicle gets a mechanical part recalled now and again. Harley Davidson motorcycles are not excluded. Keep your bike in optimum condition, get it serviced regularly and address any recalls as soon as possible. Protect yourself and your bike by handling recalls in a responsible manner.


1. Find out if there are any recalls on your Harley Davidson bike. Visit websites such as All Auto World and Recall Warnings to stay up-to-date on motorcycle recalls (see Resources below). Locate the specific model of your Harley Davidson bike and click on it. Look for the year the bike was made and click on it. If there are any recalls, you will see which specific part needs work.

2. Call the local Harley Davidson dealer. Find the dealer nearest to you at the Harley Davidson website (see Resources below). Ask the dealer to confirm the recall information. Once you confirm the information, make an appointment to get your Harley Davidson bike serviced.

3. Drop your bike off at the dealer at the scheduled appointment time. The dealer will fix or replace the recalled part and often at no charge to you.