Hang A Muffler

The muffler of a car is essential to prevent your car from becoming one of those noisy cars at which people turn their noses up. The main reason you would need to change your car’s muffler is if it has rusted through. Some people also like to change their muffler to either make their car quieter or slightly louder.


1. Lift the vehicle using a vehicle lift if you have one. If you are performing this repair job in less equipped circumstances, you can use a vehicle jack, but make sure the jack is properly positioned to prevent the auto from falling while you are underneath it.

2. Remove the old muffler. This will be really easy if you nearly knocked it completely off with a rough bump. The old one can be removed with a simple hacksaw. You should make a straight cut in the pipe just past the muffler assembly.

3. Align the new muffler with the cut pipe and hold in place temporarily with either some extra hands or with its own jack.

4. Affix the auto muffler in place using the clamps that came with the part. Tighten the nuts on the clamps using a wrench. Once in place the muffler should be able to move slightly but not be too loose.