Harley 883 Transmission Specs

The 2010 Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883 and Sportster Low 883 both feature the 883 transmission. The Sportster motorcycles are designed to be easy-to-ride for new bikers and provide the experience of an expensive motorcycle without the expense. In 2010, the Sportster Iron cost $7,999 and the Sportster Low cost $6,999.


The Harley-Davidson 883 transmission is a five-speed, rear-wheel drive, manual transmission. The transmission is chain driven.

Gear Ratio

The gear ratio is derived from the number of teeth on the pinion, or smallest gear, divided by the number of teeth on the larger gear it is driving. The gear ratio for first gear in the 883 transmission is 10.782. The ratio for second gear is 7.702; for third it is 5.728. The ratio for fourth gear is 4.748 and for fifth gear it is 4.071.


The clutch in the Harley 883 transmission has nine clutch plates and is a wet clutch. The plates work with the clutch cage and the gear shaft to allow the gear shaft to spin at a different speed than the clutch cage depending on the gear selected.