Harley Clutch Lever Instructions

A Harley-Davidson motorcycle’s clutch lever is subject to constant use, being pulled in and released repeatedly during the course of a single ride. While these aluminum levers are fairly durable, they will break easily if the motorcycle is dropped. Fortunately, the clutch lever’s simple design allows it to be removed quickly and with a minimum of tools, making it a task that can be performed in the Harley-Davidson dealer’s parking lot if necessary. Allow at least 15 minutes to complete this job.


1. Follow the clutch lever’s cable on the motorcycle’s frame to locate the cable adjuster. Push the rubber dust cover off of the cable adjuster.

2. Loosen the lock nut from the cable adjuster with a wrench. Turn the cable adjuster clockwise by hand to loosen the cable and the clutch lever.

3. Pry the circlip off of the clutch lever’s pivot pin, located on the underside of the clutch lever perch, with a flat head screwdriver. Push the pivot pin up and out of the clutch lever and the clutch lever perch.

4. Pull the lever away from the clutch lever perch. Slide the clutch cable’s cylindrical end barrel out of the clutch lever‘s retaining groove. Discard the clutch lever.

5. Slip the cable’s end barrel into the new clutch lever’s retaining groove. Reinsert the clutch lever into the clutch lever perch.

6. Insert the pivot pin into the clutch lever and its perch, allowing the pin’s tip to protrude from the bottom of the perch. Press the circlip onto the groove on the pivot pin’s exposed tip with the tip of the screwdriver if necessary.

7. Twist the cable adjuster counterclockwise to tighten the clutch cable. Pull the clutch lever in slightly to check the clutch cable‘s slack. Tighten the cable with the cable adjuster until the clutch lever can only move 1/8 of an inch before it actually pulls the cable.

8. Tighten the lock nut against the cable adjuster with the wrench. Pull the rubber dust cover over the cable adjuster.