Harley Davidson Birthday Party Ideas

motorcycle parties are good for all ages

Harley Davidson isn’t just a motorcycle company; it is an institution. Everyone from bikers to basketball players recognize the logo. Throwing a Harley Davidson birthday party is a great way to show off someone’s love of these bikes. This party theme works for young and old alike. Go hog wild! Does this Spark an idea?


The Harley Davidson logo can be found on just about everything imaginable, making it perfect when shopping for birthday supplies. Most party shops sell plates and cups with the famous logo on it, or they can be ordered online. The website birthdaydirect.com also offers Harley Davidson themed invitations. They are a bit juvenile looking, so these are better suited for younger motorcycle aficionados. Harley Davidson’s colors are orange, black and white so paper streamers and balloons in these colors can help strengthen the theme of the party. Look for posters and photos online of classic bikes–color print them out and hang them on the wall to liven up the other decorations.


Have party goers get into the spirit of the party by wearing their best biker gear. Leather jackets and bandanas are standard fare. Provide bandanas at the door for those who don’t own this type of gear. They can be found at the dollar store; pick ones that are in Harley colors. If the party is for a younger crowd, face paint crayons will allow kids to draw handle-bar mustaches on each other. Temporary tattoos from the dollar store will allow an inking station. Face painting crayons can also serve as great tattoo makers, but be warned that they can smear and stain clothing. There is also the option of holding a costume contest for the best dressed biker.


Think about biker rallies when planning the menu for the Harley Davidson party. Since these are usually held outdoors, barbecues are viable options. Hot dogs and hamburgers are easy to scrounge up and people of all ages enjoy them. Barbecued chicken is another great idea, just don’t forget the napkins! Add beans and potato salad to make it a feast. There is also the option of holding a “hog” roast. Consider hiring a caterer since roasting a pig can be a time-consuming and difficult task. Biker rallies aren’t about fancy foods and sit down meals, so keep the food tasty and easy to dish up. A good rule of thumb is to pick foods normally found at picnics.