Harley Davidson Fatboy 2005 Specifications

The 2005 Harley Davidson Fat Boy is the 15th anniversary edition. It is a “softail” cruiser style motorcycle featuring excessive chrome trim and seating for two. Bikez.com, quoting Harley-Davidson, calls it a “behemoth on wheels.” It is one of the more well-known Harley models produced and one of the longest-running bikes the company has offered throughout the years.

Motor Specifications

The 2005 Fat Boy comes equipped with a 1,449cc two-cylinder engine. It is four stroke, has a compression ration of 8.8:1 and respective bore and stroke of 95 millimeters and 101 millimeters. The dual overhead cam engine has a “V” cylinder layout and is paired to a five-speed manual transmission. Overall torque produced by the Fat Boy is 74.5 ft.-lbs.

Weight and Size

The Fat Boy weighs in with a dry weight of 676.8 pounds making it a full-size cruiser motorcycle. Its seat height is relatively low, measuring in at 25.4 inches and lending to its 5.1 inch ground clearance. Total length of the motorcycle is 94.3 inches; its wheelbase measures 64.2 inches.

Suspension and Braking

As a “softail” motorcycle, the rear suspension utilizes dual rear shocks to absorb irregularities in the road surface. The “softail” design is a proprietary suspension design used by Harley in many of its models. The Fat Boy’s front rake, or fork, is set at a fixed 32-degrees. Front braking power is provided by two 11.5-inch disc brakes while the rear is equipped with a single 11.5-inch disc brake.