Harley Davidson Gift Ideas For Men

Finding a perfect gift for the Harley lover in your life may take a little work, but it’s guaranteed to make his day.

There are few names as iconic as Harley-Davidson. Many people who have never even ridden a motorcycle have a certain affection for this quintessential American brand. Whether the man in your life is a Harley rider or just a Harley admirer, a Harley-Davidson product can make a great gift for any nearly occasion.

Chances are, you’re not going to buy your loved one an actual Harley for his birthday or a holiday. But you can make his day with a unique gift that tells the world his slogan is “Live to ride, ride to live.”

The Perfect Accessory

As with any other gifts, watch for hints, both intentional and unintentional. If there’s a certain part or accessory he’s always wanted, your problem is solved. Maybe. The pitfall to this approach is that you may need to ensure getting the exact right item to fit or match his bike, which could mean revealing your intentions before the gift is given. If you’re not sure, just ask. And if you don’t want to ask, fall back on something safer.

The Harley Lifestyle

Harley-Davidson isn’t just a motorcycle brand; it’s a lifestyle. The Harley shield logo comes emblazoned on everything from neckties to chrome beer mugs. Extensive licensing has made that coveted logo a little less special, but a lot easier for would-be gift givers. Coasters, clocks, picture frames–you name it, you can probably find one with a Harley logo on it. You can even find Harley-Davidson socks and underwear.

So if you can’t find the perfect part for his bike, start by thinking about what everyday object he needs in his life. Then, simply search for that item, either online or at a Harley-Davidson dealer.

Go Vintage

Let’s face it: You don’t know what he needs for the bike and don’t want to ask. And the last thing you want to give is a Harley wastebasket. The most unique objects you can give today are everyday objects from the past. Search the auction sites, such as eBay. Good search terms are “vintage Harley” and “Harley 1953” (you can often find some nice collectible objects from the 50th anniversary year, 1953). Don’t be afraid to scour yard sales and even ask around at your local bike shop. These items are often inexpensive, and truly unique.

Great vintage gifts include old manuals from long-ago models, advertisements from the 1940s and 1950s, old pins and badges, bike grips and even old bike parts that can be displayed on a shelf or desk.