Harley Davidson Gifts For Dad

Shopping for your dad — for Father’s Day or a birthday or any occasion, really — can be a tricky proposition. Unless, of course, your dad is into Harley Davidson motorcycles, in which case every occasion becomes an excuse to add another Harley collectible to his ever-growing stockpile. Whether you are looking for a historical collectible or a functional accessory, there is no shortage of Harley swag available for your old man.

For the Bike

Harley Davidson’s online store is full of gift ideas, and an entire section is dedicated to practical motorcycle accessories, from GPS navigation systems to motorcycle stereo systems. These might sound a bit expensive, but don’t worry — there are more than 50 products available on the site for under $50 as of February 2011. Look for decorative shifter pegs, brake pedals or flame/skull trim for his bike.

Official Garb

When your dad is cruising around on his bike, there’s no question — for anyone that sees him — that he’s a Harley man. But what about when he gets off and has to do dad things, like picking up diapers or grabbing a carton of milk? Rest easy, Harley Davidson has a collection of official Harley gear, like ball caps and bandannas, that will identify this man as a Harley enthusiast. Or consider Harley’s two heavy-duty metal belt buckles: one for the classic Harley Motor Oil and another with the trademark eagle. And there are always the classic Harley helmets, with over 70 to choose from direct from Harley Davidson.

Jewelry and Watches

Jewelry? For a Harley rider? This isn’t your average jewelry. Planet Harley — a huge Harley Davidson store online — has dozens of super manly watches and rings done up with Harley skulls, eagles and classic logo. Adventure Harley also sells rings and jewelry for the Harley dad.


Planet Harley has other gift ideas for Harley riders. Consider the Harley Bar Caddy, a cast-iron tumbler holder that comes with four square Harley scotch glasses. Planet Harley also sells a shot-glass checkers set that features 16 Harley Davidson-branded shot glasses on a checkers board. Adventure Harley sells other collectibles too, including pocket knives.