Harley Davidson Gifts For Grandparents

For those Harley Davidson loving grandparents, a gift with the company logo is perfect whether they own a bike or not. The company sells a variety of items, making it easy to find something they will like. The costs range from inexpensive to very expensive.


Give your grandparents Harley Davidson brand attire. Jackets, riding chaps, pants, shirts, boots and hats all make good gifts. If they are riders, look for something they need such as a pair of new gloves. Buy a clothing item they wouldn’t buy for themselves. For example, buy a pair of pants that help keep their legs dry. All the gear bought from the official stores has the logo on it. If price is a concern, look for clearance items.


Buy a small accessory to go with a large item or as a standalone gift. Wallets, totes, purses, belt buckles, hats, patches, belts, bandanas, and watches all work well. Find out what the grandparent wants or replace an item. For example, if your grandfather has carried the same worn out Harley Davidson wallet for years, give him a new one.

Home Items

Buy your grandparents something for the home which displays their passion for Harley Davidson, such as glasses, cups, travel mugs, sign, coasters, coolers and bottle openers. Before deciding what to buy, check out your grandparents’ house. They need a place to put the gift and it should go with the d cor.

Bike Items

Harley Davidson sells many items to go with its bikes including bags, speakers, special foot pegs and directional devices to add to the riding experience. Ask your grandparents what they would like for their bike. Cleaning supplies or maintenance tools also are nice gifts.